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Devote to provide safe, efficient, comfortable and exclusive jet service.

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National Business Aviation Association


Everything is done to make our flight a customer oriented experience. We are highly committed to making every  distinguished  guest enjoy our excellent quality jet service.

Star Jet Co., Ltd.

To become the most recognized brand in China’s business aviation.


Devote to providing safe, efficient, comfortable and exclusive jet service.


On the basis of safety, we are professional and highly devoted to creating the perfect business jet service experience for our customers.
We are customer-oriented, attentive and patient. Our customers can immerse in the pleasure of their every journey.
We share the pursuit of efficiency, accuracy as well as timely manner to meet our customers’ needs in time.

• Our experts work together to ensure the ultimate flight safety of our guests. Our professional team stands by 24-hour for providing you the warm-hearted service before, during and after your flight.

• High efficiency, we make it!
• With our professionals in this industry, owners and operators can be sure to receive the combined benefits of VIP Charter, Aircraft Management, Flight Support and Aircraft Acquisition Assistant from Star Jet. 

Exclusive Service, Only for you!
Once we fully understand your needs, we can design a customized solution as well as meet your additional requirements. We will offer you various personalized services depends on your flexible requirements.