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Devote to provide safe, efficient, comfortable and exclusive jet service.

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National Business Aviation Association

Top Team

Our professional teams are fully engaged in promoting the concept of jet services.
Our elites always insist on customer-focus and impress you with a memorable journey.

The Management

The Management Team:

Our management staffs come from famous domestic or international airlines, as well as global jet companies. With senior managerial experiences of many years, they have acquired extensive Knowledge on aviation management and professional skills, and gained in-depth knowledge of the civil aviation industry.

Flight crew

Flight Crew:

Our captains have extensive flight experience for decades and had at least 10,000 flight hours. In addition, all crew members are to take the recurrent training by the relevant international training center in accordance with CAAC’s regulations.
Over the years, our experienced cabin attendants serve in business jet or the first-class of commercial flights. They always have the recurrent training in the relevant international training center and are strictly trained by 5-star international hotels. They seriously make Star Jet one of the most admired companies providing deluxe service.

Engineering and Maintenance

Engineering and Maintenance:

First of all, our engineers and mechanics are specialized in business jets. They hold the maintenance licenses from CAAC and FAA with multiple aircraft certification. Secondly, we are fully dedicated to applying the highest standard of safety and service in our aircraft maintenance. The above two strengths ensure the compliance with flight safety.


Flight support & Ground service

Flight support & Ground service:

7/24 standby and keep trying to make your journey smooth!
Our qualified flight support & ground service team has many years experience of flight dispatch and on-site flight support.