Fleet - G550

G550, the world’s executive jet with the widest application range, possesses advanced and all-rounded software and hardware facilities, and even such special circumstances as high altitudes and strong winds can hardly have impacts on G550. Its powerful Rolls-Royce Type BR710 high-grade engines can ensure a direct flight from Shanghai to Vancouver, through which you can catch a glimpse of the G550’s capacity of long-range inter-continental flights! However, in the roomy space and a cozy environment, you will not sense the fatigue caused by the long-range flights, and the advanced cabin air purification system makes you breathe forest-like 100% fresh air over the whole range, while the 14 oval-shaped windows enable the passengers to sufficiently enjoy the sunlight!

Capacity Maximum range High speed Maximum altitude Cabin length/height/width Total baggage capacity
14-18 6750 nm/12400 km 0.88 mph/934 km/h 51000 ft/15545 m 15.27 m/2.24 m/1.88 m 6.4 m3