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Devote to provide safe, efficient, comfortable and exclusive jet service.

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National Business Aviation Association



1) Why STAR JET?
STAR JET provides a wide range of business including VIP charter, Flight support, aircraft escrow and purchase financing acquisition. We aim to ensure that our clients experience the quality services through the various and modern types of business aircrafts, advanced facilities and professional elite teams.


2)What are the benefits of business jet travel?
Adhering to efficient, private, personalized service, customers can determine the time of departure and arrival.


3) How can I check STAR JET aviation charter prices?
You can call our 24-hour customer service hotline :021 -22353939


4) What are the charges for the charter ?
The major charges includes charter the task hour fee and tune machine hour fee. If you want to know more details,you can consult our sales hotline any time.


5) If you determine that a charter trip, when informed the Starlink best?
Domestic charter flight for 2-3 days in advance notice us, international charter flight seven days' notice in advance, we will help you organize charter.


6) What is the process of Aviation's charter at STAR JET?
Plan your route → Contact us →sign the contract → arrange payment → prepare Meal on board → check in


7) Is it safe for jet?
Air transport is the safest mode of transport.